At Lissé Xpress, we want to make you feel beautiful! Being that our client's happiness is our main goal, we decided to work on a new concept that guarantees a one on one hair salon experience. With your needs in mind, we've developed different unique services that will leave our clients satisfied: from at home Bridal assistance, Little Diva treatments for your little princess, or even our 3-in-1 service where you'll have our skilled staff working on your Hairstyle, Makeup and Manicure in a blink of an eye.

At Lissé Xpress, we focus on making you feel more beautiful than ever. We strive on making our clients feel comfortable with us, providing a complete service that will leave them satisfied until their next visit to our salon. We always have your needs in mind, a quick service of the best quality, the best products on the market, and the most important thing: a highly qualified staff that loves what they do.

Lissé Xpress loves to participate in the community, we are here to earn your trust and build lasting relationships. Click on the links below and have a peek at our staff working their magic: no appointment necessary.